Classic Spa Manicure

Includes nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, a lotion massage, followed with mask treatment wrapped in a warm-hot towel to exfoliate and invigorating hands massage and finished with your choice of color.

Signature Manicure

Your classic manicure with a signature touch! Start with the treatment of the nails and cuticles, followed with a scrub, mask treatment wrapped in warm- hot towels leaving your hands feeling soft, and ending with a nice massage of the hands and shoulders for ultimate relaxation.

Villa Manicure

This treatment will leave you feeling pampered! We trim, shape and cuticle grooming, gently exfoliate the skin with a scrub of your choice of a lotion massage along with the hot stone. Finish this manicure with a hot towel and paraffin wax treatment with a relaxing shoulder massage. Included with 12 mins of Shoulder massage & Hot Stone.

* Lavender

* Tropical Citrus

* Raspberry Pomegranate.

Voesh Manicure

Voesh spa system help exfoliate, nourishes, hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The treatment includes nail trimming, shaping cuticle grooming hand scrub, mud masque, and collagen glove treatment. Enjoy a relaxing hand and shoulder massage by hot stone. The regimens are available the scents of your choice.

Included with 15 mins of Shoulder massage & Hot Stone.

* Vitamin D

* Green Tea.

Gel Manicure

A hybrid product that applies like polish but wears like gel; no chips, lasts longer than regular nail polish and best of all no need for drying time! Included a cuticle grooming that provides strong natural protection with a shiny finish.

Gel with French Manicure
Gel with Signature Manicure
Gel with Villa Manicure
Gel with Voesh Manicure

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Princess Manicure
Princess Pedicure
Princess Combo
Polish Change Hands
Polish Change Feet


Anti- Aging Pedicure

The Serum is made of very small molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients, providing the most effective and gratifying experience for your skin.

The package includes: 

*Callus removal

*Mineral foot bath, Refining skin polish scrub

*Clarifying Earth Mask

*Paraffin wax

*Soothing massage cream

*Pure Skin Serum

*Skin Perfecting Cream

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels


Choose your own packages:


*Serum Detox (Deep Detoxification of Pores, Skin Surface and Odor Control)

*Serum Moisture (Hydrating and Nourishing Skin)


*Serum Slim-firm (Slimming and Firming Loose Skin and Cellulite)

Villa Jelly Pedicure

The exclusive pedicure helps repair cell damage, improve blood circulation, and get rid of aches at the same time. You can feel your soft, moisturized, and healthy skin right after luxuriating in this invigorating treatment.

The package includes:
*Jelly Soak & Massage

*Callus removal

*Sugar scrub

*Nourishing mask

*Paraffin wax

*Massage gel

*Moisturizing cream

*Hot stone massage,  Hot towels 

Choose your own scents:

*Jelly Aloe Vera          *Jelly Lavender

Organic Pedicure

The extremely relaxing treatment is the best soothing and easing therapy for your anxiety, which helps you calm all your senses, soothe your anxiety, which helps you calm all your senses, soothe your tired body, and perfect your stressed-out skin. Let all your stress slip away with our detoxifying pedicure.

The package includes:

*Callus Removal

*Sugar scrub

*Fresh botanical fruit

*Soothing  mask

*Paraffin wax

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels & Extended foot massage

Choose your own scents (natural ingredients):

*Fresh Aloe Vera     *Green Tea     * Milk & Honey    *Fresh Citrus


CBD Volcano Pedicure

Enjoy a fun bubbling and fizzing explosion on the feet! The super detox pedicure renews the texture of the skin and enhances vibrancy. Collagen cream mask, made with 100% organic ingredients, draws out any remaining impurities and soothes your skin, leaving it hydrated all day. The entire pedicure will use high-end CBD Products.

The package includes:

*Callus removal

*Detox Volcano Crystals

*Sugar scrub exfoliation

*Paraffin wax

*Collagen organic cream mask

*Collagen organic massage lotion

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels

Choose your own packages:

*Gold CBD     *Rose Gold CBD

Collagen Pedicure

The natural pedicure not only soothes your mood and senses, but also adds vital nutrients to your skin, and heals it from within to fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful and radiant glow.

The package includes:

*Callus removal

*Collagen purifying scrub

*Collagen nourishing mask

*Paraffin wax

*Collagen cooling gel

*Collagen serum lotion

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels

Your choice of scents:

*Lavender     *No.5 Perfume     *Crystal Water

Charcoal Pedicure

The pedicure helps energize and bring balance to your body as well as draws out any remaining bacteria and chemicals from your skin, making it smoother and more radiant.


The package includes:

*Callus removal

*Cleansing with Activating Charcoal Powder, Sugar scrub & Soothing mask

*Paraffin wax

*Cream massage

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels

Raspberry Pedicure

The rejuvenating pedicure helps provide the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles and bring your skin back to its supple, glossy appearance.

The package includes:

*Callus removal

*Sea salt scrub

*Soothing mask

*Paraffin wax

*Hot stone massage, Hot towels

Signature Pedicure

The unique treatment nourishes tired, stressed, and dry feet and promotes soft skin, giving your skin a healthy and glowing complexation.

The package includes:

*Sea salt scrub

*Soothing mask

*Hot towels

Express Pedicure

This is a perfect pedicure treatment for those with a very busy schedule.

The services cover the vital steps to well-maintained feet.


The package includes:

*Nail trimming, shaping & cuticle grooming

*Your choice of regular polish

Nexgen (Dipping Powder)

Free to create strong and durable nails and provides a natural and comfortable feeling. It's stronger than acrylic yet lightweight and transparent. Most importantly, no harmful substance or primer is applied.
Nexgen Full Set
Nexgen Pink & White Full Set
Nexgen Ombre (two colors)
Additional cuticle trim service

Additional $5 Charge for nail extensions or customized shapes.

Nail Enhancements

We do not apply gel topcoat over any regular nail polish.
Acrylic Full Set
Acrylic Fill
Solar Pink & White Full Set
Solar Pink & White Fill-In
Solar Pink Fills
Additional Gel Polish Service



French Design
Nail Art Design

Polish Change

(Includes trimming and buffing of the nails)
Hands with French
Feet with French

Remove Acrylic

Without Service
With Service

Paraffin Treatment


Gel Polish Change

Hands without Manicure
Feet without Pedicure


Upper Lip
Full Face
Half Arms
Full Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs

Tinting & Eyelashes

Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tinting
Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash Volume Full Set
Eyelash Refills

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Complimentary Soft Drink & Wine

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